The lord of the flies Who dare wake me on my last day? Your bravest soul must stupid and insolent. Its me father. I came to warn you of the gods. Their coming. We are no longer safe here. Mother says we should leave as soon as possible. Yes son. Call your brother! You and […]

Titanic In Titanic Leonardo Dicaprio plays the part of Jack Dawson. He falls in love with one of the rich females on the boat but hes one of the poor people that work on the boat. He tries to save his girlfriend from drowning after the boat they were on had crashed into a strand […]

Paris’ response to Juliets death is that he is sad and angry because he was going to marry her> Romeo says to bathasar ‘leave me alone or else i will kill you Paris says to Romeo ‘this is that banished you haughty Montague’ Romeo says to leave him alone and to let him be as […]

Romeo says he has come for  poison to kill himself because he has found out that Juliet had died. Because he could go to jail for selling it.  And that Romeo could die from using it ‘the world is not thy friend’ means the world is not being fair towards Romeo. Romeo is angry with […]

Ask for me tomorrow, and you will find me a dead man means if you try to find him tomorrow  he will be in his grave a plague on both your houses means there houses are as bad as eachother they have made worms’ meat of me means his body will be eaten by the […]

  Personification means giving things human qualities So smile the heavens ‘so smile the heavens upon this holy act, that after-hours with sorrow chide us not’ it is saying that everybody should be happy about there marriage and that the heaven are happy and that God should bless their marriage  

nurse is lenient. She breast fed juliet as a baby and is a mother figure for her Lenient. Caring. Protective. Noble.

The film is different to the book because in the book, there is no swimming pool whereas in the film most of the scene is set in a swinming pool. The mood is very hyper in the movie but in the book they are very relaxed and talkin to one another. in addiyion, the book […]